Mental Health


Each Friday for 40 minutes at the end of the day all the children take part in Wellbeing activities. These are designed teach the children ways to relax, the importance of relaxation, how to read their bodies and know when they are feeling anxious or stressed.  We also focus on the importance of exercise and diet in keeping a healthy body as well as a healthy mind.

The children can choose from a range of activities which are changed regularly. This terms activities include Peaceful Poses, Christian meditation, mindful colouring, running club, improving your personal best, gonoodle and gardening activities.

I-Pad Time

During Ipad Golden time pupils explore new and familiar apps in a safe environment. This time allows time for talk and even a chance for pupils to showcase some of their logic, artistic and creative skills.

If you have suggestions for Apps…please see Mr Tennant.


Mrs Colley leads art in the huts. Children can either paint, sketch, colour, use pastels or do any other arty projects. Using paint encourages children to mix the colours and use different methods to paint something of their choice. They can improve their art skills by using different materials to create something. Each week a year 6 child will put some music on that the other children have suggested. It is a chance to make new friends and learn different ways of making art. Children are free to draw or paint anything they want and can finish it off the next week if they didn’t complete it.

The children enjoy working together with other people, improving their skills and meeting new children. Any child who has kept all of their Golden Time are welcome to come and use our art supplies to make something.


Key Stage 2 can choose to use the laptops to play educational games. The children always use their understanding of e-safety to have fun and learn carefully.


YR3 and Yr4 in Golden time choose between either playing football, learning to juggle with 2 balls or play a ball game of their choice.

No matter what the weather we always have lots of fun.


Y5 & Y6 play in small teams Netball and they develop their skills and confidence whilst having a lot of fun!

Percussion Band

Children from Years 2 to 6 enjoy participating in our Golden Time percussion band.

It is an opportunity to experiment with different musical styles and instruments. They deepen their musical knowledge and skills while having fun catching beat, rhythm and performing simple compositions.


In St. Cuthbert’s we believe in a positive approach to pupil behaviour, highlighting and rewarding good behaviour.  We have a behaviour policy that sets out systematic guidelines for staff and children.  Each class clearly displays our behaviour plan and all children from Nursery to Year 6 are taught expected behaviour.

We expect pupils to: -

  • follow instructions
  • are kind and polite
  • talk at the right time
  • walk in and around school quietly
  • are responsible for the care of our school
  • listen to whoever is speaking

If pupils work hard and behave well they will earn some of these rewards:

  • Stamps
  • Stickers
  • Certificates
  • Positive notes home
  • Lining up award
  • Attendance award

If pupils choose NOT to behave in the way we expect, there are consequences:

  1. Warning
  2. Time out for 5 minutes
  3. Work alone in class area
  4. Work in another class for 30 minutes.
  5. Miss playtime
  6. Sent to Headteacher/Deputy Hea
  7. Parents contacted

Remember every day pupils have a choice to start again. For serious misbehaviour in years 1 – 6, such as inappropriate language or fighting, pupils receive a verbal warning which is recorded in a behaviour book.  If there is another incident, parents are contacted to meet with Mrs Wilson. The pupil will also lose a privilege, such as a trip or a class treat. If another serious incident occurs, managed moves to another school for a number of days are arranged.  The child will be put onto a behaviour plan.