School Meals

Dinner money, for the full week, must be sent to school in the envelope provided, on the first day of each school week (no late payments please). Parents are asked to send in the correct money; when a child is due a credit because of absence, please adjust the following week.

A free meal is provided to children whose parents are in receipt of Income Support or Income Based Job Seekers Allowance. Parents need to complete form FSM 1 which is available from school or the Civic Centre (Tel 266522) and send it to the Department of Social Security/Employment Services. If this form is not completed, you will be charged for meals. Every effort is made to ensure children receiving free school meals cannot be distinguished from other children.

Children may bring a packed lunch to school. Water is available for every child and children are encouraged to drink water rather than bottled drinks. All children are asked to provide a water bottle which they can fill with filtered, chilled water from a machine.

If parents wish to change from packed lunch to school lunches or vice versa, they need to give notice to a member of the school office staff. Children will then be able to change at the beginning of the next half term. Please do not change without first consulting the office staff or the Headteacher.